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Elevate Your Corporate Gatherings: Discover The Prince's Exclusive Group Booking Experience

Updated: Feb 22

In the heart of the modern urban landscape, The Prince stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and sophistication. Catering to the discerning tastes of professionals and corporate teams, we offer an unparalleled group dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Discover how our modern Arabic restaurant, with its blend of innovation and tradition, is the perfect setting for your next corporate event.

Camel and Man looking afar in the desert

Why Choose The Prince for Your Corporate Event?

A Sophisticated Ambience: Designed for the global achiever, The Prince offers a stylish and upscale environment ideal for private dining in Singapore. Our space is perfect for facilitating meaningful connections and conversations, set against the backdrop of a modern interpretation of the Arabian desert's mystique.

Tailored Dining Experiences: Understanding the diverse palates of our guests, our menu offers a creative exploration of Arabic cuisine, perfect for impressing clients or celebrating team milestones at company events. From gourmet dishes to Levantine wines, every aspect of your meal is curated for exclusivity.

Privacy Meets Visibility: In Singapore, where business and dining often intersect, we appreciate the balance between private dining needs and the desire for a dynamic atmosphere. Our restaurant is designed to offer secluded private rooms for confidential discussions, without distancing you from the vibrant energy that defines our space.

Seamless Service: Our attentive and personalised service ensures your event, be it an annual dinner or a business meeting, runs smoothly. From planning to execution, our dedicated team is committed to creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

A Culinary Journey Awaits: Embark on a journey that takes you from the warmth of the Arabian sun to the mystique of desert stars. The Prince is not just a dining destination but an immersive experience where food, culture, and innovation meet, ideal for large groups seeking a unique dining event.

For professionals seeking a venue that mirrors their ambition and sophistication, The Prince is the ultimate choice for corporate group bookings in Singapore. Elevate your next event with our unique blend of modern Arabic cuisine, exceptional service, and an atmosphere that inspires.

Two girls holding a chicken dish near bonfire in desert

Dining Options:

Private Dining Room (12 Seated): Planning a lively celebration or an exclusive, cosy dinner? Our private space caters to your needs. Create memorable moments that suit any occasion, making it the perfect choice for gatherings that are meant to be special, ideal for groups needing a restaurant for rent to celebrate privately.

Chef's Alcove (16 Seated): Positioned right in front of the bustling culinary action, witness chefs at work as they craft your meal with precision and passion. It's the perfect spot for those who appreciate the artistry of cooking and savour the delectable dishes created right before your eyes.

Sofa Lounge Area (23 Seated): The back area of The Prince provides a semi-private space where you can unwind with colleagues during and after work hours, fostering a sense of community and providing the ideal backdrop for networking and relaxation, especially for business groups.

Before the Archway (34 Seated): This versatile space seamlessly transitions from a vibrant bar setting to a more formal dining area. The interplay of contemporary design and inviting atmosphere adapts to various needs, whether you're here for a team hangout or a comprehensive dining experience, suitable for company events and large group gatherings.

Flexible seating options available in the venue:

  • Private dining room: 12 seated

  • Private dining room & sofa lounge: 28 seated

  • Private dining room, sofa lounge & chef's alcove: 58 seated

  • Private dining room, sofa lounge, chef's alcove & before the archway: 92 seated

With The Prince, you can expect an experience that transcends the ordinary, whether it's for an intimate group or a grand corporate event.


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