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The Prince Delights with "Inflation Bites" Menu: A Royal Feast at $48

Discover a dining experience that’s more than just a meal at The Prince with our enchanting "$48 Inflation Bites" menu. Created to combat the rising costs in Singapore, this initiative is our heartfelt gesture to keep the community spirit alive and thriving in the heart of the CBD. This price isn't arbitrary—it mirrors Singapore's 4.8% inflation rate, a symbol of our steadfast support for our beloved guests.

Community at the Heart of Dining

"As we navigate these challenging times, our 'Inflation Bites' menu is our pledge to not just serve great food, but to enrich our community," says Rohit Roopchand, CEO of The Dandy Collection. This menu is perfect for everyone—from those looking for romantic restaurants in Singapore to couples seeking a charming date night spot, and even friends gathering for a delightful evening out. “It’s about offering a space where everyone can enjoy a high-quality meal without the high price tag, fostering connections and creating memorable experiences together.”

A Feast That Nourishes the Soul

For just $48, embark on a Moroccan-inspired culinary journey at The Prince. Start with a zesty Grilled Octopus and fennel salad, dive into the comforting embrace of a Lamb Tagine, and conclude with the sweet symphony of Orange Cake with almond crumble and orange blossom chantilly. Each dish is crafted to nourish not just the body, but the soul, evoking a sense of warmth and community.

More Than Just a Meal

In the spirit of camaraderie, we’re proud to join the ranks of eateries offering budget-friendly yet exquisite dining options. Our initiative reflects a broader trend where restaurants are stepping up to serve delectable dishes without compromising on quality. For more insights, dive into this article from The Peak Magazine: How Singapore Restaurants are Dealing with Challenging 2024.

Join us at The Prince where every meal is a heartfelt invitation to gather, share, and support one another. Reserve your spot and let's bite back against inflation—together!


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