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Embark on a Journey of Shared Delights with The Prince's Karam Menu

Updated: Feb 22

Discover the essence of communal dining with The Prince's Karam Menu, a curated selection designed to bring people together over a feast of flavours. Our menu celebrates the rich traditions of shared meals, offering a modern twist on classic Arabic dishes that invite conversation and connection.

A table full of dishes for communal dining in the desert

Experience the Joy of Mezze: Our mezze selection, including cashew hummus, pumpkin baba ghanouj, and salmon pastirma & labneh, sets the stage for a communal dining experience. Each dish is crafted to encourage sharing, allowing guests to explore a variety of tastes and textures together.

Savour the Mains: Choose from our main dishes, such as Romanesco steak with pumpkin dukkah or the sumptuous whole Mediterranean seabass for two, each accompanied by house taboon herb salad and house pickles. These dishes are not just meals but a celebration of communal joy and culinary excellence.

Indulge in Dessert Together: End your meal on a sweet note with our Kunafe, featuring pistachio cream and rose syrup, a perfect dessert to share and enjoy as a group.

The Karam Menu at The Prince is more than just a dining option; it's an invitation to create memories around the table. In the spirit of Arabic hospitality, we welcome you to gather, share, and indulge in a meal that celebrates the joy of togetherness. In Arabic culture, communal dining is deeply ingrained, symbolizing unity, generosity, and the importance of family and friends coming together to enjoy food and company. Join us at The Prince to experience this cherished tradition in a setting of elegance and warmth.


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