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Discovering Tanjong Pagar's Enchanting Lunch Sets Under $35

In the heart of Tanjong Pagar, lies a culinary oasis that promises an escape into the rich tapestry of flavours and hospitality that is as warm as the Arabian sun. As A. Shyrock once mused, hospitality in the Arab world is not just a tradition; it is an 'Arab madness,' a testament to the lavish generosity and warmth that guests can expect.

Our offering, nestled amidst this bustling enclave, presents not just a meal but an experience under $35 that transports you to the exotic landscapes of the Middle East, where every bite tells a story of heritage, spice, and the soulful art of sharing.

The Prince Tanjong Pagar

The Quintessence of Hospitality

For a mere $32 SGD, our set menu unfolds as a tapestry of culinary delight, weaving together the vibrant, bold flavours of the Middle East into a lunchtime feast that's unparalleled. Begin your journey with a choice of one dip, followed by a mezze that sets the stage for the main act - two succulent kebabs, each a testament to the mastery of Middle Eastern grilling. And what's a feast without a sweet denouement? Dessert is included, of course, with an option to elevate your dining experience with a glass of wine for an additional $15.

A Menu of Delights

Our a la carte options tantalise the palate with the likes of Pumpkin Walnut Baba Ganouj and Cashew Hummus, each served with house-baked bread that's fresh out of the oven. The set menu supplements beckon with additions like the Fattoush Salad, adorned with sundried tomatoes and pomegranate, or the Farro Tabbouleh, a symphony of halloumi, cucumber, and sumac.

For those with a penchant for the sea, the Baby Squids with ras el hanout and pickled cauliflower is a revelation, while the Braised Lamb Leg and Beef Cheek Stew promise a hearty embrace. The Grilled Chicken, with its smoked mango chermoula, is a ballet of flavours, and the Battered Fish, a dance of sumac, tangerine, and tarragon yogurt.

And for a sweet finale, the Olive Oil Kusa Cake with orange blossom cream whispers tales of desert oases and starlit nights.

An Invitation

This is not just a meal; it is an invitation to wander, to explore, and to immerse in the pleasures of the table and the joy of companionship. Tanjong Pagar, with its blend of the old and the new, is the perfect backdrop for this culinary adventure.

So, we invite you to join us, to partake in this feast of generosity, where every dish is a gesture of hospitality and every flavour, a bridge between worlds. Here, under the $35 mark, luxury is not just accessible; it is unparalleled. Welcome to Tanjong Pagar, where lunch sets are not just meals, but journeys to be savoured.


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