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Savour the Moment: The Prince's Commitment to a Better Drinking Culture

Updated: Feb 22

In the spirit of embracing a New Era of Inclusivity, we at The Dandy Collection are proud to present a meticulously curated beverage menu that champions the evolving preferences of our esteemed guests. This initiative transcends the traditional offering of alternatives; it is a celebration of elevating the non-alcoholic beverage experience to parallel the intricate craftsmanship and enjoyment found in their alcoholic counterparts.

A person in traditional arabic clothing pouring tea in traditional middle eastern glassware

Craftsmanship Without Compromise: Our dedicated mixologists, with their boundless passion and expertise, ensure that each concoction—whether robust with alcohol or alcohol-free—is a masterpiece of flavor and presentation. By prioritizing quality ingredients and embracing innovative techniques, we guarantee a sophisticated and memorable experience for every guest, irrespective of their drinking preferences.

Signature Creations for Every Palate: Our beverage selection is a testament to our commitment to diversity and innovation in the world of mixology. Take, for instance, the Karadeh Sour, a half-proof marvel blending Monkey Shoulder whisky, hibiscus tea, and lemon for a tart, floral kick. For those seeking a full-proof experience, the Ottoman's Island offers a complex mix of Grey Goose vodka, Prohibition gin, Psico, bergamot, Cointreau, and ginger beer. Our dedication to inclusivity shines through in the Hadiqa Greenery, a zero-proof concoction that combines Lyre's Agave Blanco with zatar, green zhoug chilli, rosemary, coriander, and lime for a refreshing burst of flavor.

Not to overlook our wine enthusiasts, the menu features exquisite selections such as the Domaine Wardy Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon from Beka'a Valley, Lebanon, 2018, and the Domaine De Bargylus Cabernet/Syrah from Latakia, Syria, 2013. These wines exemplify the rich terroirs and winemaking excellence of their respective regions, providing an unparalleled sipping experience.

A Commitment to Better Drinking Culture: The involvement of the Prince in The Dandy Collection's "Better Drinking Culture" initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to hospitality, inclusivity, and the art of celebration. We invite you to delve into our diverse beverage offerings, each crafted with care to cater to every taste and occasion, in an ambiance that radiates elegance and warmth.

Join us as we champion a more mindful and inclusive approach to the drinking culture, celebrating every choice with open hearts and raised glasses. Welcome to a place where craftsmanship meets inclusivity, and every sip tells a story of passion, innovation, and unity.


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